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Foal Pinhooking – 2017 results include turning £28,000 into £120,000

With the foal sales just around the corner attention will soon turn to pinhooking. Pinhooking is the term used when I purchase a foal on behalf of a client and then re-sell it as a yearling hopefully for profit. The time in between foal to yearling sales is approximately 10 months and I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed some great success. This year alone I have enjoyed a 28,000gns foal turn into a £120,000 yearling, 55,000gns into €90,000 and 27,000gns into €68,000. In previous years, successes have included 120,000gns into 220,000gns, €42,000 into €130,000, 42,000gns into 110,000gns, 47,000gns into €120,000, etc. Clearly it is not always straightforward and I would never purchase for any client who did not understand the risks but if you think this is for you then please make contact.

Alternatively you might be interested in purchasing a foal to subsequently race as a 2-year-old – seeing these profits there is every chance you might have a £150k yearling for £50k for example.

The foal sales start in mid-November and I will be working both the Goffs and Tattersalls sales hard looking for the stars of the future and the pinhooking bargains. Please make contact if interested.